Fixed Price Boiler Repair

Fixed Price Boiler Repair

Repairing boilers can be a costly exercise. Thats why we offer a fixed price boiler repair in Sandown and surrounding areas.

A lot of companies will “diagnose” the issue and try to fix your boiler by “throwing parts at it” and expecting you to foot the bill. We take a more professional approach and provide a fixed price boiler repair. By offering a fixed price boiler repair to help you budget.

Our pledge to you is this. If we are unable to fix your boiler with our fixed price boiler repair, you only pay the initial cost charged. If we end up replacing your boiler we will deduct that cost from the final price of your boiler installation.

We can provide fixed price boiler repairs on many makes of boilers including Worcester, Baxi, Ideal and many more makes of boilers

Do You Offer Finance For New Boilers

P & R Gas Solutions Limited is an introducer appointed representative of Kanda. Kanda is a credit broker that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 539195) which offers finance for home improvement projects from its panel of lenders. All finance subject to status and credit checks.

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What Sort Of Boiler Do I Have

There are 3 general types of boiler systems.

Each type of boiler and heating system has their own unique setup. For example, the open vented heating system and sealed heating system uses motorised valves to control the heating and hot water demand. For a basic description of each system click the button below.

My Boiler Has A Fault Code, What Does It Mean?

We have put together some common faults on the most popular boiler manufacturers. If you cannot find your boilers manufacturer then please let us know, and we will add it to our list. If you live in and around Sandown, Ryde, Newport Cowes or Shanklin and have a broken down boiler, give us a call on 07584 373876 or email us for a fixed price boiler repair.

What Is The Black Water In My Radiators

The water that you see coming out of your radiator is your heating system water that heats your radiators and, if you have one, your hot water cylinder. The black water has magnetite, bits of dissolved metal, mixed into it. Over time this will build up and cause your radiators to develop cold spots.
One way to prevent this build up is to have a magnetic filter installed. This filter catches the magnetite on a powerful magnet and can then be cleaned off. Take a look at our video below for a demonstration.

Why Is My Boiler Leaking

There are a few reasons why your boiler may be leaking. Below we have listed the most common reasons for a leaking boiler.

  • One of the pipes inside the boiler is leaking
  • The condensation has built up and leaking out of the trap (if present)
  • Rain water has got inside the boiler via the flue
  • Your boilers heat exchanger has split and developed a leak

If you live in and around Newport Isle Of Wight, Sandown, Shanklin, Aylesbury or Ryde and have a leaking boiler, give us a call on 07584 373876 or email us for a fixed price boiler repair.

How Do I Repressurise My Boiler

If you have a combination boiler or a sealed system, your boiler requires adequate pressure to operate properly. If it falls below that pressure your boiler may turn itself off. The video below shows you how to repressurise your boiler. Even if your boiler is not the same and you have a gauge elsewhere, the principle is the same.

How Do I Reset My Boiler

Most modern boilers will, if they stop working, show an error code. This can be a flashing light on the boiler giving you a sequence, or a digital display with an error code. Because there are hundreds if not thousands of different boilers over the years, it’s very difficult to list all the ways to reset your boiler.

The easiest way to find out how to reset your boiler is to consult your manual, if you don’t have it to hand then then a quick google search will in most cases give you a downloadable manual.

Most modern boilers will have a reset option, either by way of a button that you press or turn a dial to the “reset position”. If you are unable to reset your boiler then we can come and give you a diagnosis of the problem and provide you with a fixed fee boiler repair.

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