Do I Need A Landlord Certificate?​

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that every landlord who rents out part or all of their property MUST have a valid Gas Safety certificate carried out by a registered Gas Safe person. All gas appliances and gas installations must be checked annually and within 12 months of the last inspection. The law has changed recently where you can have the report carried out up to two months before the expiry of the existing certificate, without loss of time.

The HSE provides a comprehensive guide to your legal responsibilities which can be found here

What Is A Gas Safety Inspection

We are Gas Safe registered to carry out your landlord gas safety certificate. Whilst carrying out the inspection we check all gas appliances in the property as well as the gas pipework leading to those appliances. Once complete we provide you with a digital copy of the gas inspection report for your records.

What Does The Certificate Include

Safety is our primary concern along with any recommendations at time of inspection. The Landlord gas safety inspection includes:

  • Check for gas tightness at both the appliance and on the supply pipe.
  • Check combustion (where required), to make sure the boiler is burning the right amount of gas and is burning it safely.
  • Test the working pressures of the appliance to make sure it is within the manufacturers instructions.
  • Check to make sure ventilation provisions are satisfactory
  • Check any flues for safe removal of carbon monoxide and products of combustion.
  • Test to make sure any safety devices present are working correctly.
  • Make sure any stability devices, such as chains on a freestanding cooker, are present and sufficient for the appliance.
  • Issue a gas inspection report to the responsible person, normally the landlord.

As a  landlord in Sandown, Ryde, Cowes, Newport and surrounding areas, it is your ultimate responsibility to make sure the appliances are in a safe working order.

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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate