Great Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

What Is Unvented Hot Water

Unvented hot water cylinders supply hot water to your whole home at high pressure. Perfect for invigorating showers!

To bring you the best hot water solution into your home, we will remove your existing copper tank and replace it with a stainless steel unvented hot water cylinder.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

In years gone by your hot water storage will have been stored in a copper cylinder in your airing cupboard, then to get a high pressure hot water system your boiler would need to be changed to a combination boiler. All that is now changing, if you want the best high pressure hot water system then read on!

Unvented hot water cylinders were invented by the UK some 40 years ago. They have proved to be an excellent source of high pressure hot water providing high pressure hot water for your home. The benefit of having an unvented cylinder to replace your old copper cylinder is that they allow you to keep your existing boiler and lose your cold water storage tank in the loft space.

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Why use P & R Gas Solutions to install your high pressure hot water cylinder?

We have years of experience in and around the Sandown, Ryde, Cowes and surrounding areas. We are Gas Safe registered (required to install unvented hot water cylinders), so you are assured of peace of mind. If you live or have a business in and around Sandown, Ryde, Newport or Cowes, give us a call to provide you with a quote. Alternatively, use our online quoting tool

The benefits of a high pressure hot water cylinder system are as follows:

  • High pressure hot water
  • Excellent showering experience
  • No cold water storage means less freezing risk
  • Fast heat recovery which saves money
  • Longer storage of hot water

If you are interested in having a high pressure hot water system installed then why not ring us today, we cover Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Shanklin and Cowes areas. Call us on 07584 373876 or email us below.

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