Hot Water Too Hot?

Scalding Water Hurts!

Is your water too hot? Have you noticed your boiler making funny noises? If so then read on.

I was called to a property in Wing near Sandown where the occupier stated the hot water was far too hot, this had been on going for some 12 months. They stated they had already got someone out, but they failed to resolve the issue

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Now I’m not being critical, but any heating engineer worth their salt would know exactly what the issue is here. I’m sorry to say that but this was dangerous!

The hot water in this case is controlled by its own valve, it wasn’t closing properly so the water was being heated to what the boiler was set to, in is case @ 80 degrees c.

Having resolved the valve problem I then opened the boiler up to see what was going on in there. The picture to the left is what I found. The heat exchanger was so badly overheated, it has split (You can see the damage circled in red).

The boiler hadn’t been serviced since it was installed in 2013, the damage you see could have been very dangerous as it could have split and scalding water would go everywhere.

Thankfully, the boiler was a Worcester Bosch who guarantee their heat exchangers for 10 years. A quick call, and they sent a new one out for me to fit.

The problem has been resolved for now but this is a good example of why you should have your boiler serviced and checked regularly.

If you are looking for a heating engineer, (or “boiler repair near me”), give me a call on 07584 373876 or contact me.

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