Don't Take The Risk

When deciding if you should use a Gas Safe engineer to install your boiler, we give you an idea why you should.

Last year I was asked to complete two landlord certificates at properties owned by the same landlord. He had chosen to use his friends builder to install the boilers. Unfortunately, the people who installed the boilers were not Gas Safe registered installers and left the occupants as risk of serious injury or death. To name but a few of the issues:

  1. Flue was not secured to the boiler properly and was leaking carbon monoxide
  2. The flue was not sealed inside or out
  3. There was a crack on the gas meters causing a leak. The installers tried to cover it up with sealant!
  4. The flue was incorrectly installed causing condensation water to drip onto the patio and cause damage to it.

The two installations cost the landlord £3500 for the two boilers to be installed. Although this may be the going rate, it was a price too high to pay for the safety of his tenants when using non gas safe installers.

P & R Gas Solutions are Gas Safe registered. If you are looking for a new boiler in the Sandown, Ryde, Newport and surrounding areas then please contact us below.

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