Noisy Boiler, What Causes It

Noisy boilers can be very irritating with the noise they make and sometimes they even breakdown, but what causes a noisy boiler?

I was recently asked to a carry out a landlord certificate in Newport and on arrival the boiler was making a noise that sounded like it was boiling over. Additionally, it would not stay on long enough for me to carry out my checks.

The tenant informed me that they recently had a radiator replaced and ever since the boiler was noisy and not working properly, so this was a big clue why this was happening.

Very often people who replace radiators, including some plumbers, drain down the system, replace the radiator then refill the system. This is not always necessary and in this case, it could have been completed much more straight forward without draining down. The issue when you drain down the heating system to carry out any work is that any muck and dirt will be dragged into the pipework and probably clog up the boiler and pump. This is what happened on this occasion. The pictures below show the pump blocked up along with the new pump.

Once the pump was replaced the boiler worked perfectly and quietly!

If you live in the Newport, Sandown and surrounding areas and you have boiler problems, then give us a call to resolve the issue.

Do I Need A New Boiler?

Many people get concerned that if their boiler is noisy they may need a new boiler. Whilst this is not always the case it may be more economical to replace your boiler. We offer a fixed price repair service which means that once we have diagnosed the problem we will repair it as quoted at the time.

However, if you wish to have a new boiler in Sandown, Shanklin, Aylesbury, Newport or Aylesbury, we are here to help.

By offering a boiler installation service in Sandown, Aylesbury, Newport, Shanklin and Ryde, we can offer you Worcester Boilers, Baxi boilers, Ariston boilers, Ideal boilers and all at competitive prices.

If we are unable to repair your boiler or it is beyond economical repair, we will install you a new boiler at a very competitive price to suit your budget. We cover Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Aylesbury and Shanklin.

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