PayPal Limitations!

Dear PayPal

Please treat this as a formal complaint, the solution I am looking for is:

  • My account is restored and limitations are lifted.
  • Confirmation that the documents I have already submitted haven’t been “lost” (I can’t see how they can be as they stored on your “secure servers”)

Earlier this year I was asked to provide additional information about my business which i duly did. Now weeks later my account has limitations, meaning I am unable to send or receive money. Whilst I receive no money, I do use PayPal to purchase items to keep my business going. So as you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating.

Things I have tried

  1. Clicking the link to the verification area – No good, it says I’m verified.
  2. I’ve rung and spoken to a chap who passed it to the “the limitations team” (as he couldn’t understand the issue), who told me it is limited due to FATCA, which stands for “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” but couldn’t see why it is still limited. They promptly provided me with links to resolve and guess what, they say I’m verified and you are checking my documents!
  3. Your dashboard says, “Please upload the W-8BEN-E to your Resolution Center or email it to” I am unable to open a dispute as it doesn’t apply to a transaction!

I’m at a total loss after providing you with all the information weeks ago, my account remains limited and now you are asking me to submit a lengthy form which quite frankly I don’t have time to do and I would expect a company as large as PayPal, to get it right!

…and to top it all, I can’t close my account and start again!!!!!!

I’m just going round in circles here

Update: 18th November 2022

I have now submitted the form, having printed it off, filled it out, scanned it back in and sent it to them, what response do I get? “You need to click this link to verify your identity…blah blah blah”. All this was done in October, as confirmed by them!

I’m still going around in circles and all the time I am unable to use my account, oh, and by the way, the form I submitted asks for a signature to say i am complying with chapter 4 and section 6050W – What are they??!!

PayPal, your customer service has been lost in your desire to make more and more money!