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Fixed Price Boiler Quote

Grab Your Free Online Fixed Price Boiler Quote

We have provided you with this online fixed price boiler quoting tool to help you budget for your new or replacement boiler. We try to gather as much information as possible but we ask that you are aware of the following points.

  • Price does not include upgrading the gas supply if required
  • Although the price includes pipework for condensation discharge pipework, we would like to carry out a short phone meeting to confirm we are able to install the condensate pipework.
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions
  • Once you have submitted your quote to us via our line quoting tool, you are NOT bound by it.

If you are happy with the above and wish to proceed to your online fixed price new and replacement boiler quote then please click below

Before we go any further, you will need to collect some information to answer some of the questions. The information you will need is as follows:

  1. Can we connect a small pipe from your boiler to either your sink or outside drain (Preferably not a rain downpipe)?
  2. How far is the boiler flue (the chimmney that comes off the boiler to the outside) away from any doors or windows that open?