Boiler Servicing

Our boiler servicing is carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers.

With every boiler service we provide you with a digital service certificate for your records.

 For a boiler service in Sandown, Newport, Ryde and surrounding areas give us a call or email us to book your appointment.

Gas Safe Registered
New Worcester Boiler - Fault Codes
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New Boiler

 Why should I have my boiler serviced?

Your boiler should be serviced at least annually and the gas safe engineer will check the boiler for gas and water leaks. They will also check for any issues that you are unaware of. A faulty boiler can be very dangerous so when having your boiler serviced, make sure you use a Gas Safe registered engineer. P and R Gas Solutions are Gas Safe registered and cover Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Shanklin and Cowes areas.

Keep your family safe

It is vital that you use a Gas Safe engineer to carry out your boiler service, to use an untrained person will put you and your family at risk. Gas Safe registered engineers are proved to be competent through various exams so you are sure to be using a competent Gas Safe engineer.

If you choose to use a non Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineer you run the risk of your appliance becoming unsafe to use. Many people claim to be Gas Safe but you must always check their Gas Safe card to make sure thery are qualified to work on your appliance. Additionally, you should eb aware that just because they are qualified to work on your natural gas boiler, it doesn’t always follow that they are qualified to work on your LPG or oil appliance. Below you can see a Gas Safe card that your Gas Safe registered engineer shouild have on them. If they are unable to produce it then please do not let them work on your appliance.

gas safe card
Sample Gas Safe Card

Identify issues before they cause a problem

Modern boilers rarely breakdown but when they do, it will be at the most inconvenient time. P and R Gas Solutions provide a boiler servicing service in and around the Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Shanklin and Cowes. Whilst servicing your boiler we check for any potential problems before they occur, if we find any such issues we will let you know and provide you with a fixed price repair.

Saving you money on your gas bills

When servicing your boiler, we will check to make sure it is running efficiently and safely, if required we will make some adjustments to improve your boilers performance and efficiency. We are experienced and qualified Gas Safe registered engineers that provide an exceptional service to our customers in Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Shanklin, Cowes and surrounding areas.

Landlord checks

If you are a landlord, you have a legal obligation to have any gas appliances checked in your rental property. Failure to do so could render you liable to criminal proceedings resulting in hefty fines and even a prison sentence. If you are a landlord in the Sandown, Ryde, Newport, Shanklin, Cowes and surrounding areas, contact us to arrange your landlord gas safety annual gas certificate.

Commercial & Domestic Gas Work

We offer comprehensive boiler servicing at competitive rates. As well as domestic gas services we are Gas Safe registered for commercial appliances, so we cover all domestic and commercial gas work.

What should a boiler service cost?

A boiler service can cost from anywhere between £80 and £120. Our servicing costs start from as little as £60 plus VAT (plus any parts required)

Your Questions Answered

Boilers (5)

A combination boiler provides heating and hot water, if you have a combination boiler you won’t have a hot water cylinder. This is because your boiler gives you hot water every time you turn your tap on.

A system boiler is a cross between a regular boiler and a combination boiler. As a result, the system boiler has the components of a regular boiler and some of a combination boiler. It circulates the water for the radiators and hot water via an internal pump.

With a system boiler you have a hot water cylinder and components to control the heating and hot water demand.

A regular boiler is what heats your heating and your hot water. Unlike the system or combination boiler it has a water tank in the loft area to supply the water for the boiler to heat the water. It also has a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

The tank in the loft acts as a way of catching the water that gets “vented out”. It is commonly referred to as a feed and expansion tank – F&E

If we are doing a straight swap and your heating system is clean, then we should be able to do the installation in one day. If your system is not clean then we would need to book in another day to flush and clean your system

There are three main types of gas boilers, combination boiler, system boiler and regular boiler. Take a look at our detailed explanation

Heating Systems (2)

We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of central heating and hot water demands. We can install all types of heating systems, including radiator installation and moving

The simple answer is yes, we can install underfloor heating systems. Sometimes we will bring in an underfloor heating manufacturer to design the system for us to install. This is so that we get it right from the beginning.

Pricing (3)

Currently, we do not offer boiler service and breakdown cover. However, we are constantly looking at ways to help improve our services to our customers and are keeping this under review.

In the meantime, we do offer a fixed price boiler repair service

For a full breakdown of our prices, please see our prices page

Yes! We believe that unless we can fix your boiler then you should not be charged. We pride ourselves on being able to fix 99% of your boiler breakdowns on our first visit.

Smart Controls (3)

A smart control is an internet controlled thermostat which learns how to heat your home. It can be controlled either manually or remotely via an app on your smart device, like your phone. So when you go away and you forget to turn your heating off, you can do it remotely, thus saving you money and turning it on before you get home.

We will install the smart control of your choice including Nest & Hive

We are unable to endorse any particular product as they are all as good as each other. However, we prefer Nest as it is developed by Google and is a “Learning Thermostat”. This means it learns your schedule and how your home heats up and cools down.

Gas Safe Registered
New Worcester Boiler - Fault Codes
New Boiler Isle Of Wight
New Boiler

Gas Boiler Service – £60 plus any parts required

Back Boiler Service – £90 plus any parts required

Callout – Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm – £50 for the first hour plus any materials

Callout – Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am – £90 for the first hour plus any materials

Gas Boiler & Gas Fire Service – £130 plus any parts required

Powerflush up to 7 radiators – £450 including chemicals

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%