What Type Of Boiler Do I Have?

A common question we get asked quite regularly is “what type of boiler” or “what type of central heating do I have”.  There are three main types of boiler, a regular boiler, a system boiler or a combination boiler. Whilst this is a quite an easy question to answer, we have laid out some details and information below to help you.

The regular boiler or open vented boiler, is controlled by the following components.

  • Either a one 3 port valve or two 2 port motorised valves
  • Pump
  • Room thermostat
  • Hot water cylinder thermostat
  • Programmer

A system boiler has the following components

  • Either one 3 port valve or two 2 port motorised valves
  • Pump is within the boiler
  • Room thermostat
  • Hot water cylinder thermostat
  • Programmer

A combination boiler heats the heating and hot water within the boiler so doesn’t have any of the components listed above except maybe the motorised valves if the heating is “zoned”.

regular boiler

1 Regular Boiler

This is one of the most common type of heating system in UK homes, the regular boiler is fed by a water tank in your loft.

It acts as a “Feed & Expansion Tank”, commonly refered to as the F&E tank. It supplies the water for the system and provides a vent if your system over pressurises or gets too hot.

combination boiler

2 Combi Boiler

The combination boiler provides you with hot water “on demand” and heats the central heating system.

The water and heating systems are “sealed and pressurised” and will have a pressure gauge to indicate system pressure. If the system over pressurises the pressure is released outside.

system boiler

3 System Boiler

The system boiler works similar to that of the regular boiler except it is sealed and pressurised.

The image shows an unvented cylinder which is pressurised and provides high pressure hot water. The heating is also sealed and works similar to a combination boiler.

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